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What is more ideal
in a mountain home
or Lodge-style interior
than lighting made
from genuine antlers?

These beautiful
creations are truly
Chandeliers and lamps
hand-crafted from
genuine antlers
in a variety of styles.

Some designs feature
hand-laced rawhide
shades to further
enhance their
rustic appeal.
A bit about our antler lighting designs

Many animals, including goats, sheep and cattle-have horns. But only a few
species - including deer, elk, moose and caribou have

Antlers are made of living tissue that grows and dies in a yearly cycle.
The tips are called points; the width of the antler is called spread.
The antlers grow every spring; in early winter; they die and fall off.
You can walk through the woods and find them lying on the ground.
The following spring, the antlers grow back again, bigger and with more points
than before. Some people think it's possible to tell how old an animal is by
counting the points of its antlers, but the number of points does not accurately
correspond to the age of the animal.

Antlers are the fastest-growing structures in the animal kingdom

All of our antler designs are made from naturally-shed antlers.
No animals are harmed in the production of the products.
One-tier chandelier
Three-tier chandeliers
Our antler chandeliers
are available in one and three-tier
configurations and are
crafted from mule deer antlers.

Available with and without
rawhide or paper shades.
Custom antler chandelier in
two-story entry foyer
formal dining room
One-tier chandelier
Antler and iron chandelier
Chandeliers are also available
in mixed-media styles combining
hand-forged iron with
natural antlers.
Antler table lamp
The antler collection
includes table and floor lamps
as well as special order
wall sconces.
Yes, we have antler lighting in-stock and ready to enjoy!
If you don't see exactly what you're looking for,
ask one of our designers about special orders.

Here's some real-life antler looks we love!
Rooms designed by Interiors
Antler chandelier in entry foyer
Fallow deer antler table lamp
Antler chandelier in formal dining room
Fallow deer table lamp
with laced rawhide shade
Styles shown are representative of typical inventory, but may not be in-stock at the time of your visit.
If you are looking for a specific item, please ask one of our sales staff about special orders.
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