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Carpet - Comfort Underfoot
Choosing carpet isn't easy.  Fortunately, getting help is.

With the huge variety of styles, textures and features available in today's carpet,
the choices can seem endless, and the decision overwhelming.

Interiors' flooring specialists and designers can help you simplify the process.
We'll take into account your lifestyle, your decor style, and your budget
and narrow the choices to the products that best suit your needs.

Meanwhile, we'll measure for you (for free!) then give you a cost estimate
for the product you've chosen.

Lastly, we'll see to it that your carpet is installed by a trusted and licensed
flooring installer, and be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase!

We proudly feature products by
Carpet Fibers: Today's carpet is typically made
from one of three fibers - Nylon, Polyester (PET) or
Polypropylene (Olefin).  All three are synthetic
materials, and technology advances have resulted in
increased softness along with superior durability.

Nylon is the most versatile of all carpet fibers.
It is durable, resilient, and offers the greatest
color versatility and uniformity.

Polyester carpets generally represent a good value,
and are best suited to medium-traffic rooms,
like bedrooms.

Polypropylene is "solution dyed", which makes it
fade resistant, and a good choice for rooms that
receive a high degree of UV exposure.
Carpet 101
Confused by all the terms associated with carpet?
Here's a quick primer to make them easy to understand.
Carpet Styles generally fall into one of four categories -
Texture, Loop, Pattern or Twist.

Texture carpets are relaxed looks with a short, twisted, smooth yarn
and an even pile.  These carpets are also often referred to as a "Plush."

Loop style carpets feature either even loops, or uneven loops.  They offer superior
durability for high-traffic areas.  "Berber" is a style of loop carpet.

Pattern carpets are characterized by dramatic visuals created by varying
cut pile heights and loops.  They are well-suited to contemporary rooms.

Twist style carpets offer a soft, casual look with long-cut pile.
They are one of our most popular styles, and often called "Frieze."
Texture carpet roomscene
Loop carpet roomscene
Loop Carpet detail
Pattern carpet roomscene
Pattern carpet detail
Twist carpet roomscene
Twist carpet detail
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Texture carpet detail
Shaw Clearly Chic
We're excited about
Shaw Floors newest line
"Clearly Chic!"

Featuring Shaw's new
Platinum PET fiber
with patented R2X stain
resistance technology,
Clearly Chic offers superior
softness and vibrant color.
It offers a lifetime stain
warranty and 15 year wear
warranty, and is made
with 50% post-consumer
recycled content!
See the full line in our
showroom today!
Think carpet harbors allergies?  That it's "bad" for the environment?
Guess again!  
Click here to see "Five Carpet Myths Debunked."
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