Decorating isn't easy.  Getting help, is.

And design consultations are always free with purchase.

Be it choosing a sofa, or decorating an entire home,
our Designers will assist you as much or as little as you like,
with both in-store and in-home design consultations.
Interiors' Designers are specially trained and have extensive knowledge
about all of the products we sell, from furniture to flooring.

They'll work to understand your needs, your taste, your lifestyle
and your budget, and help you select the furniture and products that will
best express your own personal style.

There is no obligation for a consultation, and most of all, no high-pressure.
And at Interiors, when you purchase furnishings from us,
our design services are free-of-charge.*
We understand that you may be intimidated
by the idea of working with a Designer
Many people are.  
They have either had a previous bad experience themselves,
know someone who has, or think using a Designer just isn't for them.


Here's a few reasons why working with a professional Designer
will make your design process easier - and even enjoyable!
A Designer will save you money in the long run
Have you ever made a costly  mistake measuring incorrectly for a window blind,
or bought the "perfect" sofa only to have it delivered and find out it's all wrong?
A designer will see to it that your end-product is a perfect fit.
We know what will - and won't - work in a room, how different light affects color,
how to create both balance and contrast in a room,
and "what works with what."

If you are building a new home, a Designer can work with your contractor
to ensure your new home will function with your interior decor -
little details such as having electrical boxes where you want your lighting fixtures,
or finding the right flooring material to complement your countertops.

Designers have more resources than a consumer
Even though the huge array of home furnishings available in retail stores may seem
mind-boggling to you, the fact is, even more products are available to Designers
from resources that sell "To The Trade" only.
With that many resources at their disposal, a Designer can help you find
what's absolutely right for you - not just what will "suffice."

Our Designers also have tried and trusted professionals at their disposal -
everything from flooring installers to cabinet-makers,
to see to it that things get done right, the first time.

Professional design has staying power
We know how easy it is to get caught up in what the home decor magazines
tell you is "in," or fall in love with something "new" you see in a store.
Professional Designers know the difference between "fad" and "style,"
and will help you choose decor that will still be timely for years to come.
Professional design has staying power
Common Myths About Using A Designer

Interiors knows all the misconceptions about working with a Designer -
Here's a few, and why they are indeed "myths."

"Designers charge a lot of money."
Yes, some do - we'll admit that.
And some stores and design firms charge a design fee on top of product cost.
But at Interiors, our Design assistance is complimentary
when you purchase furniture, flooring or window treatments from us.

"A Designer will impose their style on me."
Certainly, every Designer has their own personal style - they're human.
But a good Designer's training allows them to be objective.
They will ask you questions about your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle,
your "wants" - and determine YOUR personal style and
reflect it in your interior decor.

"I'm not comfortable letting someone else pick out
furniture and paint colors for me."
Relax - a professional Designer never "picks out" what will wind up in your home
(unless, of course, you ask them to).
A Designer's function, after determining what best suits your wants and needs,
is to narrow the choices and offer their recommendations,
but the final choice is always up to YOU.

"A Designer will make me buy all new things for my house."
First of all, a Designer should not "make" you buy anything,
or worse, try to "sell" you something you don't want.
Secondly, Interiors' Designers understand that most people have a budget,
and do not need, or want all new furnishings.
We will evaluate what you have, respect what you want to keep.
Sometimes just having a Designer re-arrange a room makes all the difference
and you'll only want a few new pieces, different wall color, or window coverings.

We're also experts at re-inventing what you already have -
Like changing cabinet color, or re-upholstering a favorite chair.
Here's a couple of examples of just that!
Game Room Before
Game Room After
Chair Before
Chair After
In this game room, the "golden oak" cabinetry was built-in
and in great condition, but the finish dated it to the 1980's.
Instead of replacing it, our Designer re-invented the
cabinetry with a black lacquer finish.  A few new
accessories, and it's like a different room!
This vintage oak rocking chair
had sentimental value to the
owner, but worn & dated
fabric.  Our Designer
re-purposed the chair with
leather, nailhead trim, and a
hair-on cowhide the owners
had stashed away.
Come in and ask about Interiors' Designer Services!
In the meantime, browse some of our Designer's work, below.
Gentleman's nook in a lakefront home
Living room in a lakeview retreat
Bathroom by Interiors
Kitchen decor by Interiors
Update for a formal dining room
Blinds, decor and accessories by Interiors
Kitchen in a lakefront log home
Kitchen island and accessories by Interiors
Furniture and custom blinds in a dining room
Woodland-themed guest retreat
A mountain-themed guest room
Professional designers on-staff
Custom window treatment in a master bedroom
*Our Designer Services are provided free-of-charge when you purchase Interiors' furnishings,
or products from our Design Center (flooring, custom window treatments, wallcoverings).
Should you require Designer assistance with construction, home staging, or products not
purchased from Interiors, there is a $90/hour Design Consultation fee.
Design Services
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