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The beauty of genuine wood floors
Nothing matches the warmth and beauty of hardwood.
Wood's natural beauty is warm and inviting, to both the eye and to the touch.
Today's wide variety of wood species, along with a wide spectrum of stains,
gloss levels, special edge details, widths, and textures,
make it easy to choose a complement for any style, and any décor.
Hickory hardwood
Hardwood room
Hardwood kitchen
There are several things you will want to consider when choosing a hardwood floor.
Step One is understanding the difference between
Engineered and Solid hardwoods.

You will want to decide which wood
species will give you the look you want.
While there are many from which to choose, each has its own characteristic
pattern and grain - some are subdued, like maple or birch,
and some are very pronounced such as oak or hickory.

The type of
finish you prefer is important, as well.
Do you like the look of high-gloss, or prefer a duller, matte finish?
The surface
texture of hardwood ranges from one that is smooth to the eye and touch,
to those "brushed" or "scraped" to enhance the natural grain of the wood.

You will also choose a
stain color for your hardwood floor.
Stains run the gamut from natural/clear to warm wood tones, and even dark onyx.

The final consideration is the
plank width of your floor.
Generally, planks range from 3" to 6", and vary with the style you choose.

Confused?  Don't be, we're here to help.
Our flooring specialists can answer all of your questions,
and you can view hundreds of hardwood samples in our flooring showroom!

Free Measuring & Estimates on all hardwood flooring!
Engineered Hardwood
Engineered hardwoods are made
of several layers, or ‘plies’ that are
glued together in a cross-grain
construction.  This type of
construction is far stronger than a
single piece of solid wood; and it’s
also more structurally sound – it
won’t buckle, gap, cup or twist.
Engineered hardwoods can be
installed below grade and direct to
concrete - solid wood floors can not.
Solid Hardwood
Solid hardwood flooring is milled
from a single piece of hardwood.
It lasts for generations, and can be
sanded and refinished over the
years, if necessary.  However,
because it is a natural material,
it reacts to changes in its setting,
such as moisture & temperature.  
For this reason, solid hardwood is
not recommended for basements
or bathrooms.
Today's most popular hardwoods:
With its distinct grain pattern,
hickory is one of our top-selling
hardwoods for mountain
homes.  The "hand-scraped"
look adds a rustic and informal
touch for casual living.
Hickory detail
Hickory detail
Birch hardwood
Birch is a close-grained wood
with superior durability
It's naturally light color allows
it to accept stains well, resulting
in rich, vibrant colors.
Birch detail
Birch detail
Oak hardwood
America's love affair with oak is
alive and well in hardwoods.
With its pronounced grain
patterns, oak adds interest to
any room and goes with any
style of decor.
Oak detail
Oak detail
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